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UMJI/01-EN Interview with Sveto (Rijeka, Croatia)

Unterwegs mit Journal
Unterwegs mit Journal
UMJI/01-EN Interview with Sveto (Rijeka, Croatia)

In the very first interview of this podcast, I talk to Sveto from Rijeka in Croatia. We talk about his exciting life journey and explore the question of how he came to co-found a computer museum. We also discuss what „success“ actually means to us.

Sveto then reports on new projects and exhibitions. And so we learn, among other things, how an oversized Mickey Mouse figure could make it to Chernobyl during Soviet Union times – and what the former Yugoslavia had to do with it!

// Episode: How exactly we got to know Sveto, you can find out in the episode, released in German: UMJ1/10 Startschuss Balkan – From Ljubljana bis nach Zadar

// More pictures: You can find them in the gallery of the episode.

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If you’d like some more insights on the Peek & Poke Computer Museum in Rijeka, check out their website.

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